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Long Family Room

Designing a Family Room is usually pretty straight forward. You bring in a sofa, coffee table, maybe a couple of chairs and a media console. Toss in a side table or two with some lamps and art and voila! You've got a designed room. The problem is not every room is an easy shape so figuring out the best sofa or right types of chairs can make all the difference.

Here's an example of a long family room that proved a bit tricky for my clients. The beautiful french doors sit along the length of long side of the room and opposite is a bar counter with a drink fridge. With a large set of windows on the short side, there is only one wall where a television would work. Opposite the windows. However, sitting far from a tv isn't as easy as it seems.

When you want to add in additional seating, you need to make sure you're adding the right type! Here we added low profile, leather swivel chairs. These chairs are touched often, either while walking by or turning around, so leather (as opposed to fabric) will be easier to maintain. The low profile ensures anyone sitting on the sofa won't have obstructed views of the television. Lastly, swivel chairs allow for family and friends to view the television and also turn around to join in on conversations happening on the sofa!

Hope these tips help you when you are ever styling a long room and need some ideas on which direction to start shopping for some amazing chairs!

Bye y'all!

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